Another day, another scream in anguish…

Wow…I’ve actually done it. I’ve gone and opened up a blog. Let’s see how long this thing lasts before I get bored out of my skull (or drive others that way).  Time will tell. ;P

At the moment, I’m wondering…just how much frustration can a person take before someone actually believes in a person to hire them to do more? I realize things can be worse, but the “hi-light” of my day today was going to the local Walmart. It screams of pathetic, and it ticks me off because I know I’m capable of so much more. So, in an attempt to have patience, I’m typing here while I’m surfing my email for job prospects, and hoping one will pan out. Part of me says, “what the heck am I doing”, another part says “c’mon you can do it”, still another part says, “want $$$$$$$ now”, and still another part is screaming, “you nut…hush up and relax while you can”. Yes, one can say I’m a confused one right now…but perhaps it’s good to bruise the ego every one in a lifetime–if nothing else, it’s keeps the head from swelling up so much it bursts.

Then again…maybe I just need to chill out a bit…maybe on here

Ahh, yes…that’s the ticket. Check you all later!


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