Look what I found today…

It’s a rainy day here, and a slow day for my internet connection, too. What a horrid combo! It means I can’t get much of  anything done, play or work-wise, which is depressing as heck. However, I’m going to try anyway, if anything to keep up my spirits (else I may start sampling some real spirits soon… LOL).

So, as my connection allows, I’m going around the blogging world today to see what’s “out there”.  Sites displayed below do open up into new windows – no fear of losing your place. 😉

1) Pearsonified – What an informative bunch of pages this blog is! If you’re at all interested in blogging in the world, this one’s a must-see. With his witty asides, Chris guides you through the blogging world with style. Very cool find.

2)  Joel on Software – I’m a frequent reader of Joel’s blog, for his new “job seeker” board. He set it up as an alternative to other job seeking places that allow recruiters to post just to boost their own stats. Although I’ve not found a job of which I’m qualified, it gives me hope. Plus, the blog gives a lot of technical insight – for those that may be interested in that sort of thing.


3) List of Bests – Like the name implies, this site is full of lists…people log in and list what they think is the best of a certain topic, like “100 best books”, etc. The lists can be edited by a passing blogger as need be. Definitely one to bookmark for some time-consuming fun.


Okay…my surfer’s conking out for the moment, so I’ll end this entry now. Happy surfing, y’all.


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