Christmas time again…4 better or worse

Wow…another year almost done – and another Christmas approaches. I look up and down the streets, and see the lights, trees, “holiday” sales, and listen to Christmas music (provided once again by Sunny 99.1). It works. Unfortunately, as I go down the street and see the slashing of one inflatable after another–3 houses just on one block– That’s not a coincidence…just the work of a Grinch…it appears there’s always one person that wants to ruin the spirit of the season. 😛   :rolls eyes:

That’s okay…there’s still plenty of good around, if one only looks in the right places. (But, leave it to me to be looking left at the time…opposite syndrome strikes again! *LOL*) As for those with slashed goodies, it’s time to get out an old favorite…duct tape, and start again. (Oh my…talk about having a whit trash Christmas….imagine the sight! Ha-ha!)

This week it’s time to knuckle down and concentrate…on how not to lose one’s mind, courtesy of the healthzone. Although I’m not quite sure how to get by #7 (avoiding accessive alcohol) on New Year’s…guess it’s a good time to become the designated driver*.

*I usually am, anyway…much funnier to watch out for your friends (and bribe them later {wicked grin}).

Site of the moment: the Barney cam (bound to be the cutest thing in the White House…some might say the smartest, too. However, I’m focusing on the cute factor…less dirty that way.)

Thought to ponder: who would you want to “win” in a Donald Trump vs. Rosie O’Donnell grudge match? Hmmm….tough call. But, keep it up. It feeds the entertainment people quite nicely. “Good-ness!”


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