Happy New Year…Resolutions time?!?

Happy New Year, people! Well, almost… 😉

I’m not one that’s big on resolutions, but I like some good entertainment as much as the next person. So, this weekend, I’m looking back and remembering [cue “Auld Lang Syne“]. With that said, I’m trying a new twist on an old drinking game called “I Never“.  See the link in the last sentence for a refresher course. Basically, it’s saying a statement, starting with “I Never…”. Anyone that has done whatever was stated, has to take a drink. Feel free to grab your favorite beverage (if alcoholic, don’t even think about driving, of course), and join in the fun.

[Thepearlady grabs a Rum&Coke — though more Coke than Rum *LOL*]

I Never…

  • commented on my own blog (besides boasting one’s own ego or ratings, I’ve really not seen the point ;P)
  • read a Family Circus cartoon of which I’ve not at least gotten a grin (Bil Keane really started a gold mine when he penned that comic–IMHO)
  • had to lose 50+ pounds of weight (the most I’ve ever lost is ~25 lbs…thank goodness for metabolism and responsible eating/exercise habits!!) Anyone that does need help…please get it safely – you might just save a life — yours!
  • drank a large bottle of alcohol (again, what is the point of becoming so enebriated on a regular basis…no matter how good it may feel at the time, it really doesn’t help, and one can SO regret it later. LOL’s thinking back on some friends acting so dumb…they were good for a laugh – thankfully, not much more)
  • read a political book I’ve not felt like taking a nap afterward. (LOL)
  • written a whole script in java (though I’ve edited several pre-made scripts)
  • have flown an airplane (though, the thought sounds so freeing at the moment…hmms, maybe one day)

That’s my list for now. Whatcha think?! Tame, perhaps to some, but it’s what it is. Have a good and safe New Year! 🙂

new year toast

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