2 Deaths & their places in history–Ford & Hussein

Saddam before being hanged - Photo ©CNN.com / AP PressThe morning before Eid begins–which just happens to be a time of expressing forgiveness, the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is hanged. CNN displays this picture on the front page of their web site today –with a separate page link for details, along with the video of the hanging (assuming it’s not doctored, be forewarned it is graphic). Many people cheer. I just find it sad–mainly for the people he hurt, and that it was felt he had to die for his actions (next stop–martydom?! :P).

President Ford sitting in the Oval Office - Photo ©CNN.comAnother prominent death–also displayed on the CNN web front page [further details inside site], is the state funeral for [Former] President Gerald Ford. In the USA, it’s being displayed on the three national affiliates (ABC, NBC, and CBS), plus FOX news channel. It’s being held in the Capitol Rotunda, after the body was carried through the streets of Washington in a traditional hearse. I don’t remember much of his presidency myself beyond my history classes, for I was only a baby when he became the 38th president. However even I can see the type of man he was. Though he was known as the “Accidental President” for entering the Oval Office without running for the position, he accomplished a lot in just two years. That, in itself, is an amazing feat. Whoa…It appears I’m nominating him for sainthood. No, but I do think he had a determined spirit, and has left quite a legacy with his actions.

And, agree or not–with either death, it’s provided us with another opportunity to ponder and reflect on past deeds, and how to learn from them to prevail not only today, but in the future.

Blessings to all.


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