The Conundrum that is me… :-P :-D :-?

“Yuck.” That word describes how it felt for me last week. After going and going like that little Energizer bunny, it all caught up to me. What? Some stupid bug…nothing real serious, but annoying just the same. Actually, it’s really annoying when it happens because I think I could be getting a lot done now, for my instincts and sense have been dead on lately. Unfortunately, my common sense said I need to get over this bug, too…which ticked me off as there’s so many things that need getting done. Even my dreams are effected when I’m sick.–with a weirdness factor of 10! Unfortunately, I’m not up to going into that right now, for I’m still in catch-up mode, so I’ll tuck that part of the entry for another time.

For the ones interested, I’m still reading my classics. I’ve reread almost half of Gatsby again. (I keep dwelling back into the past as I read it, else I’d be done by now. Ahhh, well. At least I’m trying.) I’m definitely considering adding more books eventually – like some have commented to me…one at a time. 🙂

Anyway…in the daily surf this week, I find….The Humor Archives. Ohhhh, I like it. ROFLMBO many times in this blog. 😀 Although, I think I’d change the tile of this one entry. They’ve it entitled “You know you’re no longer a kid when…“, but it just sounds like being a kid of the eighties to me. *LOL*

Okay, that’s enough rambling for the moment from me. I’ll end this entry with a paraphrase of Martin Luther King, Jr, provided by comedian D. L. Hughley.

Keep on dreamin’…” 🙂


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