Baby, it’s cold outside…

I have a graphic (of which I created) with this saying on it. It’s so appropriate for today’s messy day. Unfortunately, it’s copyrighted with a revoked permission. So, I’ll describe the weather as best I can verbally. It’s fluctuating between 30 and 45 degrees, and raining lightly (that misty crud–aka drizzling rain–that makes your windshield wipers jump and squeak). If the sun peeks out, it’s for a few seconds–or so I’ve heard through news reports. It’s just a day to stay in if possible (I could not).
So much appears slower with this kind of messy weather in place, except the traffic flow. A lot of people still drive like maniacs…they’re not going to slow down for some little wetness, even though it’s usually easier to slip. Instead, we have hypersensivity and overcompensation–a potentially dangerous combination. Yes, I understand, the slower drivers make some people nuts, too. One more stress of which to deal, it appears…just what we all need. (not)

On the good side, when one is inside letting the calm come back again, listening to the rain can be therapeutic. Surfing web sites can also be so–seeing what’s going on in the world other than your own–thank goodness. Let’s see what’s on the ole www tonight…

I found my way back to the Rocky Horror Picture Show actually late last night (perfect timing for this ultimate cult classic – hah). It’s still showing monthly in my area, and this fact has me really considering going back to do the time warp again. If you’ve never been, why the heck not?? I know, it’s not for everyone, but it’s [many] sights to behold. *tosses rice and moves on to another site*

Here’s a blog entry entitled “Don’t Drink and HTML“…it’s short, to the point, and good for half a giggle. Not bad for an Aussie (nothing against Australians – the ones I’ve known have been really sweet, and are endeared in my heart *S*).

And, here’s a silly little video, called “Mama Potato“, which actually reminds me of my mom and other various relatives (including myself) having a good time in the kitchen, while doing the most ordinary tasks. Cute. 😀

Okay…I’m tired of rambling, so that’s the end of this slice. Feel free to comment at will to anything in the meantime. Until whenever…Peace.
 Frank-n-furter says [Im just a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania] Graphic Copyright RHPS


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  1. Thanks for your nice comment about being blogworthy! It was really helpful. 🙂

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