Highs and Woes…

I begin this entry with a huge THANK YOU to my patient blog visitors and commentors. Your comments have kept my mood from plummeting to the abyss of no return, and I so appreciate it!

[Passes out some fried green tomatoes and iced tea to visitors as I continue]

🙂 😀 🙂

Wow…it’s amazing how events that happen in one’s life can turn one’s mood one hundred and eighty degrees! Last week, my isp “decided” not to give a good connection, which led to my security suite to not download major updates (well, not any), and it snowballed from there. Consequently, I spent a lot of time in clean-up mode, which is not all bad (it has to be done sometime, eh). This week, everything’s hunky-dory with the computer once again…everything is updated again, things are “behaving” nicely, and my bouncy mood has both returned AND been received well again[creating smiles for others I meet]. I’ve not much of an explanation for it, and though I’m not discounting it, who knows if it’s divine intervention. Beliefs aside, it’s a good thing. I’m definitely in appreciation for the current moments of contentment, and hope I can remember them during any future time(s) of trial.

Anyway, a lot of fascinating web links out there again capturing the attention of many people. 
One of the local news media (of all places) has turned me on to neat music site called GarageBand. They’ve several genres from which to choose. My current favorite song in my mp3 player is entitled The Texas Sky by Val Davis…very cool site, and I look forward to seeing a lot more on it.
If you’re into researching general [whatever], for a paper or just because, here’s a blogger that’s listed the Top 10 general databases to help. Very nice.

Until later! Be good, or if you can’t, be careful. 😛


One response to “Highs and Woes…

  1. aww so glad the puter isn’t on the fritz anymore! don’t you hate it when that happens!? In the meantime, I created a snowman (and watched its destruction), shoveled a lot of snow, taken tons of photos, became an aunt (again) and worked a lot. oh, and laundry. did lots of laundry (who can ever forget that). do forgive me for not stopping by as often as I should! I will try to make it a point to come visit you daily! 😀

    TPL responds: it sounds like you’ve had quite an exciting time lately (and yes, I saw the snowman…lol!). Thank goodness, eh, for it gives us something of which to blog. 😉

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