Seeing Stars (Watch Out For The Blinding Light!)

Guess what? I get to go to the movies! Well, this next week, anyway. I’m going to meet up with Eric aka SciGuy (plus his wife, and about seventeen other soon-to-be new friends), and we’re going to see/discuss The Astronaut Farmer. It proves for an interesting evening, to say the least. 🙂

In regards to my reading progress, I have read Metamorphosis, and have to say, that is a sad story what happens to that family, not just the main character. All throughout reading, the scientist in me kept crying out, wanting to analyze what would make a man turn into a bug in the first place. Yes, I know…focusing on one thing makes me miss the point of the rest of the story–no worries, I see the struggle through out the book with all the characters, too. But, falling back on humor helps [me] get through the internal struggles with each of the characters in the book. Now, Dracula…that’s almost like an early Stephen King story to me…oh, what fun that one has been!

Speaking of book characters, it looks like Harry Potter is indeed growing into a man. I’m not sure what Hermione would say, but I say, looking good, Daniel. 😉
(Okay, getting my head out of the proverbial gutter now, and reminding myself he’s only seventeen and jail bait! *shakes head* ohhh well LOL)

Onto another topic…it’s SuperBowl [ads] weekend! Woohoo! Yes, I said ads…Why else would one watch? Surely not for the *gasp* game?! 😀 While getting the snacks prepared for sunday, let us not forget our waistlines–too much, anyway. I’ve found a blog that’s lined it out all for us — “Super Bowl ” Calorie costs . By their numbers, a handful of Doritos will cost you 43 touchdown dances. I guess I’d best start “busting a move” now. Okay…maybe I’ll find another way.  😛
Anyway…mmmm….still worth it to me. I’ve already been watching, including the Nationwide/KFed commercial. Wacky stuff it already is, and the yet-to-come will probably be as well. For those people not interested, it’s a good time to shop, and there are some good tips to remember as one does shop. Some of the tips are common sense, but it’s still a good read.

Anyway, I best be off again. It appears appropriate to wrap this entry up with KFed.
{the fog stirs as the blog entry ends} Federline! Fries!!


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