Snickers, anyone?!?…(*lol)

Oh my…the ending of this commercial is a bit lame, but the ad overall does have that umm…staying power (keeps in your head longer). And, I could go for a Snickers…my own, though. 😛

Or, how about some Doritos? Just stay away from mine… 😉

Big congrats to the Indianapolis Colts on winning the 41st Super Bowl…after carrying it all that way, the horses can finally drink their Bud. 😀


One response to “Snickers, anyone?!?…(*lol)

  1. laverneandshirley

    Those are hilarious! I saw them during the Superbowl! Congrats to the Colts … but I feel bad for the Bears. They got off to such a great start. But they blew it in the end.


    TPL responds: They blew it throughout the game…they’d get a burst of energy and then die, over and over again. Thank goodness a few of the commercials kept things going, mixed in all the lame. I do have to agree with Wil Wheaton, in saying that a lot of it, just didn’t have an “edge”. But, after previous fiascos, no one wants the hassle anymore. /end babbling answer ;P

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