It’s Entertainment Tonight (And Today!)

Though I’ve not much time at the moment (getting ready for my hot “date” *wink* ha-ha), I have stopped in for a quick post for my dear visitors.

Look what I’ve brought here, direct from puppetville, to entertain you all…introducing, Freddy and Burt do Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Thank you, puppets…that was….errmm….wild.

Actually, I found these puppets through another popular video going on YouTube, namely the Smiley connection…another wild set of videos (too many to list here, so I’ll leave it to you to go to, and enter “smiley connection” in the search box. I’m still Lol’ing…literally, not afraid of cats, either.)

Yet another popular post has to do with what one would do without an internet connection, and even one of my regular readers is buzzing [blogging] on it. However, as I’ve been through this dilemma a lot lately, I’m not going to blog on this topic – the memories are too fresh *sigh*. I will agree it’s a great time to “spring-clean”, and remember there is life outside of a little box in the meantime. Feel free to entertain us all with your own ideas here, too. We could all use the entertainment fodder. 😀

Anyway, I’ve to jet away from this box now…I may edit later on tonight, depending on how I feel.
Until later…watch out for bald-headed men videotaping themselves with cats. (ha-ha)


2 responses to “It’s Entertainment Tonight (And Today!)

  1. Ha! I freaking love it!

  2. lol that was somewhat disturbing! 😛
    thanks for the comment, too, btw. appreciate it!!! 😀

    TPL responds: what can I say…the day brings out the “beast” in me ROFL 😀

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