The Astronaut [Farmer] Has Landed!

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usI’ve had a fortunate moment, and attended a special screening of The Astronaut Farmer last night. A pretty good movie, it is, and it’s on my recommended list of movies to be seen. It’s a total “feel-good” movie, and it has enough cheesy funnies (usually provided by the FBI guys) in it to keep you laughing throughout the movie.
The movie begins in silouette as Charles Farmer, dressed in his space suit, is taking care of various duties of his ranch, while imagining he is taking his first steps in outer space. Yes, a bit hokey, but it’s enough to see he’s a nice guy wanting to accomplish an extrordinary dream. He’s actually an aerospace engineer whom gave up his chance to be an astronaut in favor of his family. The dream, however, does not go away, and he wonders frequently, and  builds a rocket out of “spare parts” from the junkyard. Aside from his family, most of the town thinks he’s a nut for thinking/acting so wildly. Financially, he’s not doing so great either, for he has an overextended mortgage, and not much income. But, Farmer’s determined to make it all work, no matter what adversity he encounters. It’s a low-budget movie, with high-class acting talent. Though it’s not necessarily accurate on the scientific front (realism gives way to drama, as often it does in the entertainment world), and I’m not sure if it’ll really make a difference in the debate of commercial (NASA) versus private space flight. Still, the movie reminds us all to keep on dreaming, and about not giving up on said dreams until they’re achieved. Therefore, I give it a two-thumbs up smilie, for keeping me excited enough throughout the entire movie.

2 thumbs up
Extra note: If/when you see this movie, remember to stay through half the credits, else you’ll miss some of the ending, and at least one of the feel-good moments. Also, I recommend seeing the movie with others, for those after-the-movie discussions. My own appreciation goes to the sciguy, for he and his wife(and others) made a fun outing.

In other news, RIP, Anna Nicole.


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