In A Whacky State Of Mind

Wow…I think my mind’s cracking (yeah, again–LOL), as it jumps from thought to thought with leaps and bounds. I’ve finished another book, Hannibal Rising by Thomas Harris. This book makes the Hannibal reading saga now complete (well, for the moment, anyhow *smile*). It takes one back in wartime to show how ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’ came to be, namely with the event of sister Mischa being eaten. I’m undecided about seeing the movie in the theater. I may wait until it comes to a movie channel one late night instead.  Though, I still recommend the book to complete the series, and do see the author’s web site when you can–very cool.
I’ve also added a couple things to the right sidebar, namely a graphic for chocolate/money, and a link to show what I’m reading (consuming) at the moment. If you’ve any suggestion(s), leave a comment, okay.
Our Link of the Moment…
a whacky video, courtesy of another WordPress blogger:
Flash Really Is Evil
Based on seeing that – the moral of the day… watch out for stick people, and the people that create them. 😀

To end, I paraphrase the words of Fozzie [the] Bear from The Muppets, “Wakka-Wakka-Wakka, everyone!”


2 responses to “In A Whacky State Of Mind

  1. I’m afraid if I read any books in the Hannibal series I might not ever be able to go to sleep again!

    (and I love the Muppets! I have stickers from the eighties I should scan….)

    TPL responds: Should you change your mind, the fava beans and chianti are waiting for you. 😉 And, yes, Muppets are cool. (just watch the copyrights with those stickers…can be a nightmare in the making). Thanks for the great comment. ~hugs

  2. My thoughts too. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is. Harris’s characters are real enough you suspect they could be right out there at Target with you. Though I did read Red Dragon (great, creepy book) and Silence of the Lambs.

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