It’s Friday…Time to party!

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**Breaking News** An exciting moment happened for me today, for I found and fit into my favorite [and prettiest pair of] jeans!  I’ve not seen them for about a year or so, and am anxious to wear them somewhere again. Because I’ve not had many moments to praise lately, it’s a big deal to me (must be, if it’s getting me to blog about it). I’ve been dancing around the house with glee, while doing my routine chores, and have even thought about tackling new challenges. A special day, this is. And, I’m not the only one…check out one of my blogging pals…she’s really been on a great ride. (Though we’ve never met, she’s like my twin bee from another hive.) *Smile*
Although,  today has had a few thorns….one bittersweet point includes a memory of a birthday of someone [I knew] (100th)…a bummer because she almost made it.  *sigh*
Anyway, back to the happy side of life…Thanks to YouTuber’s, we all can attend popular (or even sold out) concerts…here’s George Strait opening this year’s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Woohoo!

*claps* Wow…almost like being there (sort of, not quite…but, good enough for a freebie >:-D)

**Psst…Reminder moment**
    Have you seen Nikki’s Super Duper Elvis Sighting Contest? Now’s the time to vote for your fave Elvis sighting! 😀

Oh, and don’t forget about the big blog party, hosted by 5 minutes for mom!
Ultimate Blog Party
(Technically, I wasn’t personally invited…but she said all could come, so I’m crashing. 😉
There’s a whole bunch of great (family-friendly) sites / sights to see, and party favors, too.

Edit: PS. to any new visitors, I’m not always this manic, sometimes I’m worse. ;D Thanks for the stop-over, and I do hope to see you again sometime!

Keep on keepin’ on, people…Later, taters.

28 responses to “It’s Friday…Time to party!

  1. Hey! What are you doing with a video of MY boyfriend?? 😉

    Happy Blog Party to you! 🙂


  2. As a fellow party crasher, I’m allll over this site! Oh, and George Strait. Though I’m not a country music fan, we went to one of his concerts in high school and fell drippingly in looooove….

  3. Welcome to the party!!! So nice to meet ya.


  4. Of course you were invited! We all are self-invited! Glad you joined the mania surrounding this week’s blogging party! Never imagined that there would be 500 bloggers joining the party! What fun!

    You have a really fun blog here! Enjoyed my visit–thanks for the warm welcome! Still haven’t figured out the Elvis sighting contest…..looked cute.

    Stop by my blog-party if you get a chance…I don’t think there will be an Elvis sighting there…but one never knows!

    Loved the randomness!


  5. Beki: Whoops…you caught me. Luckily, there’s plenty to be shared. 😉
    Amber: I’m pretty eclectic with my own tastes. But, I had to show George. Indeed, he’s in a class of his own.
    Linda: It’s nice to ‘cybermeet’ you, too!
    Diana: I’m partying with every chance I get, thanks for stopping by here, too! 🙂

  6. Hey, what a great party,love the music video. Oh! and congrats on the jeans!!! Drop by my blog.

  7. Hi, nice to meet you. Congrats on fitting back into your fave jeans; that’s an accomplishment I would certainly want to celebrate. What a great time for a party! I hope you’re having fun. I’m partying at both of my blogs: The Porch Light and Little Fun; Little Learning. Enjoy the party!

  8. glad you stopped by my site and I’ve been having fun visiting yours! Sorry–didn’t mean to take the party mood out of you. I do appreciate your comments and hope you’ll check back in often, as I will you!

  9. Happy Party… and thanks for the concert. What a super treat 🙂 I’m glad to meet you and hope to get to know you better. I’ve bookmarked your site so I can come back and visit again. Have a great one.

  10. Woo Hoo! I’m excited for you with the pants..I can relate!! I love this party stuff! It’s so much fun!

    Stop on by and enjoy the day!

  11. Personally? I love the huge eyes on that er, rodent. lol

    Congrats on the pants! I’m still working on my skinny jeans. In the meantime, I like to look at them while stuffing my face.

    Pass the chips? *grin*

  12. Fitting into a pair of jeans you haven’t fit into for a year, well that’s a reason to celebrate! Good for you!
    Just party hoppin’! But I definately think I’ll be back! 😉

  13. Liz: glad you liked it…I’m slowly but surely making the rounds, too.

    Revka: wow, now that’s a lot of partying with two blogs…look forward to seeing more!

    REG: you just kept it real…nothing wrong, and still loved the visit. ttyl, okie dokie!

    Judy: you’re welcome…and welcome back anytime. 🙂

    rindy: it’s those moments that make life worth living, eh…thanks a bunch for dropping by and see you soon!

    All of Y’all are driving me wild (or wilder…LOL), I love it! Thank you, and come again soon! I’ll do my best to get some more content here, too, soon. Though first, I need to breathe…(in……out……in……out….) 😀

  14. oOoh a party! can I come, too!?

    you’re really quite a dear, you know that?! & congrats on the jeans! wooooohoooooooo!!!!!!! 😀

  15. What a coincidence! Yesterday morning I found a previously too-snug pair of jeans that are now…kinda big! Woohoo from Italy 🙂

  16. Hi there, just wanted to stop by and check out your blog, and to thank you for visiting mine, too. Hope you’re enjoying the huge blog party!

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  18. Oh, my gosh! Is that the Quiznos Sub Rodent???

    Love your blog!! Nice to meet you!!

  19. Great blog! Glad you could check out mine on your party stop!

  20. Just stopping by to say hello for The Ultimate Blog Party!
    Have a fun week!

  21. mydomesticchurch

    Just here for the party. Have a great week and party on!

  22. I like the little thingie at the top of your blog. What is IT.

    Swinging in for the Ultimate Blog Party. Nice to meet ya.

    I will be starting my 3rd party favor give away later tonight. Come on over when ya get a chance.

    PARTY ON!!!!

  23. Jaime: just a little squirrel…he likes to climb up my tree when he thinks I’m not looking. 😉

    Leslie: Hi back @ you!! 🙂

    MG: Though the company is totally enough, more party favors…woohoo! *making mental note to stop in @ 1st chance*

  24. What is happen-ing? 😀 Nice to meet ya — going to browse around now. Party on (yeah, still!)!

  25. just a late comer here to say “hi”!

    TPL responds: Hi, Alida! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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  27. great place here—judyb

    TPL responds: Thanks for stopping by…do come back soon! 🙂

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