Sunshine Day…

No, I’m not going to break out into a Brady Bunch song…but, I am thinking of it, among other things. 😉

sun shineThe sun is shining!sun shine

My mom told me of a teacher she had that always put that statement on the test as a true / false question. (The answer is yes…at least until it burns out in the next millenium or so). It happens to really be true today, at least for our weather–so very pretty. And, it also makes it harder to sit at a machine and concentrate on typing, so I’ll make this entry short. That is I shall if my machine will let me finish (grrs @ this technological box staring and waiting for more input).
Teachers throughout the years have been expected to enlighten us all, sometimes getting us to think outside the ‘box’. My own teachers have blended together as some sort of amalgum, that nudges me during various times of my life. Is this the way it is for others, I wonder? I’m thinking it’s an individual thing (file that under things that make you go “hmmm”). Occasionally, one (or so) may pop out of the memory banks, depending on what I’m doing at a given time. Though at the moment, I’m being guided by absolutely freaking no one, because I just want to ‘play’ outside in the sun!!

Before I go, let’s check out what’s going on the rest of the www:
Oh my, my bee friends, extinction alert… “Where are all the bees going?” Time to start chanting, forget the cheerleader, Save the bees! ;D
The ultimate blog party is still the happening place to be…yes, everyone’s invited…check out that graphic/my party post (currently in the sidebar) to see more! And, hello again to all the party-goers…great to see you! I’m getting to your comments as fast as I can. (Fingers, don’t fail me now…heh!)
With the party atmosphere, I see once again a Brave New World, which is another great classic [book] to read. If you’ve not, or want to refresh your memory banks, it is also online! Though, I don’t think I’m going to re-read it any time soon, my books are starting to pile up, so I’m going to go tackle this pile.
Until later, I bid you all adieu! If anyone has a story for me of your favorite teacher or anything you’ve learned that really stuck, do share. The floor is open… (“watch out for the hole” *ha-ha*)

What do you think?

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