Fun Monday …

Fun MondayI’ve taken up a challenge, scary as that thought may be. Mindy (Min) over at MamaDrama is responsible for what you are about to witness, so blame her. 😉

The mission: In simple language…Write the worst opening sentence [to begin a novel, poem, etc.].
How she put it on site: To compose an exceptionally bad opening sentence for any piece of writing (not limited to novels…but not including blog posts) and to include a photograph or brief description of some aspect of that sentence.

First thoughts have led me to something involving a toilet, with perhaps something floating within it. However, lucky for you (or perhaps not), I’ve backed out of that idea, and have gone for another idea. Below is a sentence with an overuse of clichés (overused phrases of popular culture). I do hope you do [not] like it. 😛

The Sentence:
“Let’s throw caution to the winds, and spin a yarn; for it’s boys night out and perhaps the night holds their ticket to stardom. The inexperience of youth is stubborn as a mule, but if ifs and buts where candy and nuts, every day would be Christmas. It is the moment of truth, our story has begun.”
Now, with this sentence, I’m picturing two grumpy young boys tossing their nuts about for candy. I’m not including an actual picture (*ahem* yellow alert: we’ve a pg blog), but letting you instead use your own imaginations from this moment onward. 
Have fun…

If you’d like to see more crazy stuff, check out the 1st link in this entry. It’s cra-azy! 😀

17 responses to “Fun Monday …

  1. Well that just makes no sense at all! Congratulations and well done!

  2. I’m glad it makes no sense to Willowtree because it means I’m in good company and you succeeded with the challenge. Well done!

  3. that was so terribly awful! good job!

    (i’m going to be emailing you soon, because i’ve decided everyone is going to get a prize in the Elvis contest!)

  4. very bad. so bad it’s good – and three sentences, which is even worse.

  5. Okay. That was sooo cliche! I’m having a hard time picturing it, but I’m not sure I really want to. You have done well with this assignment…I have taught you everything you need to know about bad writing.

  6. You got me to thinking about Mission Impossible.
    (Your mission, if you chose to accept it!!) What else could happen a sentence that bad except that it self destruct in 5 seconds.

  7. I had to re-read it about three times and the picture in my mind is ‘very bad’ indeed

  8. I’m not sure if this praise is good or not for my self esteem, but I’ll take it all as good. *lol*

    Nikki: you’re a sweetie…I had fun just taking the pictures, and creating a mini-story.I actually planned to create an Elvis entry, but I’ve not gotten that far. 😕

  9. Uh-oh, it totally made sense to me! Now I’m worried. I liked it and want to read about what those guys get into!!

  10. A perfect blend of entirely overused phrases.

    Nice work!

  11. Tossing nuts about?!!

    Awesome!! Welcome to the Testicle Sorority!!!

  12. Wendy: Just means you’ve a heck of an imagination… 🙂

    Jenny: Life is about cliches half the time…t’was easy. 😀

    Stephanie: Of course I am – I’ve to feed the patrons, eh. Thanks for the “welcome”…I think?!? Uh-oh, I said the “t” word! You’re all corrupting me…ahhhhh!!!!! LOL!!

  13. MMMM! Candied nuts. Great job

  14. very badly done. Congratulations.

  15. excessive use of the overused – love it 🙂

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed reading over your as well.

  17. I’m so glad you commented on my Journal; a pleasure to hear from you!

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