Gone Googling…

Hello out there…
I utter these words as a type my moniker into The Google (as U.S. President Bush calls it).
First stop, I find a lovely painting, entitled “The Pearlady” by Artist Sandra Smith –> See it here. Although I’m not sure when the artist snuck in to paint it, it’s very pretty. It’s also for sale – Original Water Color $395 / Matted Print $85. A bargain, eh. 😀

Next, I found a yummy recipe for Tapioca Pudding. Google found a pearlady in the comments section (not mine). The recipe and picture look delicious, and entices me to try it out one day.
Yet another discovery I made at the Knot – one particular profile is of pearlady, whom is “An Events Coordinator in Michigan”. Well, I did coordinate events in college, but no, it’s not me, either. Though, it does sound a cool job, too.
And, last but not least, I found a blogger, with a photo journal called “About Painting And Pears…A Pear A Day“. It features an oil painter, whom refers to blog her ‘pear journal’ because it features her pear paintings. I wish I could afford to commission her to draw/use per gorgeous pears as a theme for this blog, too. She does very nice work, and not just in pears.
Anyway, that’s a day in the life of The Google and me. Stay tuned, for you never know where I may end up next time….perhaps Yahoo’ing some place…or on the DogPile…wherever, I go I’ll be Digg’ing up something interesting, I’m sure. You can always steer me someplace with your comments, within reason, of course. 😉
Until next time…let’s hope we both keep on keepin’ on…
PS. One last note from the English side of the pond, R.I.P. actor John Inman. He’s best known for his comedic genius in the role of Mr. Humphries (from Are You Being Served?). Very funny guy, and one of the top reasons I watched that show in reruns over and over again.


One response to “Gone Googling…

  1. when i google my married name a porn star’s site pops up. (it’s not me in case you were wondering….)

    TPL responds: don’t believer her, folks…it -is- her. (just kidding ;P )

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