R.I.P. Richard Jeni…

Well, it’s happened again…I woke up this morning, turned on the t.v. and heard the bad news…another comedian bites the proverbial dust. This time, it’s Richard Jeni, an apparent victim of suicide. The why is to be determined with an autopsy, but some early reports claim he’d just found out something about his health recently. (?!?) Whatever the reason, it’s another loss to the comedic world. This guy was one heck of a comedian (usually political satire). I remember him best from the movie “The Mask“, in which he played Jim Carrey’s best friend, and from various appearances on HBO and The Tonight Show. He was in tune with the internet, and of course had his own web site.

As my memorial tribute, I’m proving more link(s) of Richard to enjoy – but since there are so many links, I’m putting up a couple for you to pick and choose @ will.

Audio Clips – (If you’ve memory/bandwidth, check out the radio interview…it’ll give you an overall sense of his comedic abilities)

Videos – (there are several videos up of various routines he performed…and the tributes are growing by the moment)

Rest in Peace, dear funny man.


One response to “R.I.P. Richard Jeni…

  1. there’s not much to autopsy….he shot himself in the face.

    TPL responds: true…but you know there’s a tell-all just itching to be printed someday about all those details. It’ll give the media (and gossip mongers everywhere) another something to talk about… 😉

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