Dancing an Irish Jig…

Red Alert: Blogger’s block[head] in this message 😛
During one of my surfing jaunts, I found a cool site that lets you “nosefy” your photo. Being the natural clown that I am (in more ways than I’ll elaborate at this time), I had to try it out. Unfortunately, I’m having a shy moment, and don’t wish to be responsible for breaking your internet browser–today, anyway. So, my Elvis doll has kindly stepped up and dons the nose…
 (that’s the smallest nose they had…oh, well *LOL*)

Another one of my regular surfs brought me to MamaDrama, where they’re having a limerick contest for St. Patrick’s Day.
*clears throat* here we go:
Creativity seems to leave me most
When I try to blog a new post
So I sit and I wait
Thinking it may come late
But it all goes away like a ghost.

And, then…


All I need is a damn limerick
But I only get a tiny thought prick
A wisp of an idea comes
Blink once and it’s done
And, what is left makes me sick.

This first little poem speaks volumes, as many ideas appear to come to me as I lay down for bed, and don’t feel like getting up to blog again (and, I forget them in the morning). Perhaps it’s a good thing, else I might have a bigger mob after me. The other poem can really be dirty in one instance, but I’m not going there–this time. 😛

Trying again…Next, in honor of my blogging host (which I love to use, especially because they keep updating to make it better!):
WordPress is my blogging host
It’s reliable when I need it most
Flexible it’s sometimes not
But help it’s really got
From lots of gracious folks!

I got on a roll after that, and you can see results there. Stephanie appeared to like them, and I even inspired another poet. Speaking of inspiring, feel free to comment in rhyme here, too…it doesn’t matter whether it’s practice for the contest, or just entertainment. I’m sure to enjoy them either way.  And, to inspire us all more, here’s some cute Irish dancers…
dancing irish jigNot quite like the two-step, but fun and good exercise, too.

Until next time…TGIF!


2 responses to “Dancing an Irish Jig…


    TPL responds: dance on by, anytime, mama Steph. I’ve a virtual beergarita handy for you.

  2. I like these better than your rodeo llamas one! Funny.

    And you, a closet car collector! Who knew?

    TPL responds: all sorts of surprises behind this person that is me…well, okay, maybe not THAT many, but enough to one going for a couple minutes. Thanks for the visit. ;P

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