It’s in the Cars…

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a quirky one at times. Want more proof? I admit it, folks….I listen to Click and Clack, aka the Car Talk guys (broadcasting from Hahvahd Square, Bahston, Mass.). They’ve also a cameo in the Disney/PIXAR movie Cars. Though they had an “off” show this past week, I found some funnies in their links section on their web site. One link in particular was the top 10 fictional (TV) cars. Seeing these cars sure brings back some memories of great (and usually cheesy) tv shows. For instance, #8 is the van from the A-Team. (yes, we’ve come full circle again, chickadees, Hannibal’s tv show…not the cannibal though *lol*)

Being the closet toy car collector I was, I found my model, too.
1983 GMC G-Series, “The A-Team”
a team van

I know it’s hard to see (darn-it-brightness factor 😛 ), but it’s a cool van, and a fast little bugger in a race. 😉

The General Lee (from the Dukes of Hazzard TV series) was another favorite, but I had to settle for a “look-a-like” model here, because I got the magazine (with yummy Bo and Luke posters in it!). Slight diversion: I had a college friend that worked on a project with John Schneider aka “Bo Duke” – lucky girl she was.
Anyway, I can’t fault the #1 choice from, namely Kitt from Knight Rider.  I loved the voice and the gadgetry.
One car not mentioned though…the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” – yeah, I know…I’m getting into the big screen pictures now. But, I had to segway like this because I’ve another model to show…found it trolling along my keyboard.

back 2 future car

Look at that little thing go…and, it sparks, too, to simulate the acceleration up to “88 miles per hour”.
*room starts to spin looking at those little tires*
Oh my, I think that my vertigo’s coming back, so I’m cutting this entry short for now. No, mamas, I’ve not had too many margaritas, but I do think I’ve stared at this screen a wee bit too long. Speaking of Mama Drama, guess what people?! I was voted one of the best limericks – honorable mention. Actually, I think it’s because of the imagery in it – riding rodeo llamas. Read the rest here. Yay, me!

Until next time, folks. Keep on keeping on…

3 responses to “It’s in the Cars…

  1. hahahahaha! yay you!!! I am totally lost, I have absolutely nooooooooooo idea wtf you’re talking about right now but it SOUNDS GOOD! hahahahaha (but I got the limerick thing, I’m not THAT daft!) lol x

    TPL responds: no worries, even I find it tough to keep up with own brain somedays…at least it’s entertaining. 😀

  2. I love the Cartalk guys. Hee!

    TPL responds: they do know how to entertain, eh

  3. memoryinmotion

    The Tappett Brothers (Click and Clack) are my heroes! And Hahvid Squayah rocks! 😀

    TPL responds: well said. 😀

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