Foolish Endeavors…

April Fool’s! Finally, my day has arrived. 😀 (just kidding…well, sort of…)
The first part of this weekend’s been a wash-out, and has kept me inside…doing a bit of reading and surfing. (Well, and some cleaning, but that’s the “c-word” – let’s not go there.) Actually, I’ve been wanting to blog here for sometime too, but either my thoughts are too scattered, I get an idea at the “wrong time”, or…well, there’s always something–or nothing. Yes, it’s confusing, I realize…moving on…

I’ve finished a couple books. The plan to review them has been tossed out the window, mainly because my notes have been tossed into the abyss of my files, which will probably return one day I least expect, many moons from now (if at all). The Prince of Tides is a wonderfully long book. It gives a LOT of background material on each of the main characters, as it takes one through memories of their lives.  It’s probably not for everyone’s reading list, but I found it okay. Mainly, it’s responsible for tying up loose ends from the movie version I’ve seen. (yes, I actually saw the movie first *gasp*)

I’ve also just read a book called The Undomestic Goddess, first introduced by one of my blogging friends, Nikki (or as I lovingly think of here – Elvis Mom–haha). This book’s been a totally enjoyable read. Some parts are predictable, but most of it is relatable, especially to me these days. It begins with a stressed-out lawyer that has really no life outside of her work. She’s perfect in her job in every way, though she can’t relate much to anything else. Then, the unthinkable happens…a mistake that changes her life for better or worse. She’s left in a quandry, but rises up above it all to discover skills she’s never had. Sappy–yes. It’s a quick read. But, it’s one that I’m glad I’ve done. The story holds one’s attention through-out the book, and has made me see once again that maybe there is something good to come out of “the bad” life becomes.The ending leaves me hanging a bit. However, looking back, I think it means that life has more to offer than we have yet to know, at least that’s how I feel today.

Anyway, my surfing has taken me to places practically in my backyard this week, to places I’ve either forgotten or have yet discovered until now.

First up, meet a terrific minor league ball player, Adam Cowart…

Adam Cowart Volcanoes button
He’s a star pitcher for the Salem-Keiser Volcanoes, a minor league ballclub in the Northwest League (affiliated with the San Francisco Giants). I’ve had the fortune to know this young man since his “stormy” birth, though these days I only see him through media outlets (thank goodness for the internet!). His season starts this June again, and hopefully it will springboard him to the majors soon.  He and his family, especially his father, have dreamt and practiced for these days all his life. He also has a big brother, Matt, to which I refer has the “brainy” one, for he’s living his dreams as a chemical engineer/rock star. Yes, indeed an odd combination to the unknowing eye, but not if you know Big Matt. By the way, have I mentioned they’re both still handsome, sweet and adorable?!  :0

Okay, back to surfing…
I found a really lame pseudo-ad called Pearland Stink Away…mildly amusing. What held me watching was where it was made–a local high school.
In continuing with the stroll into science fiction and the paranormal, some people believe there are spirits roaming south of Houston, Texas (at least they were in the latter part of 2006). It’s shown in [a part of] this documentary, feautring a little girl spirit in an apartment. –Insert spooky yells here– Creepy. LOL

Today is also Palm Sunday and the start of Holy Week, and coincidentally I’ve found a couple Christian rock videos to share… here’s the local group Seventy-One performing God of Wonders. And, in a slightly different twist and style, with a similiar message of proclaiming the word of the Lord, some local boys are rapping “What do you know about Him?” for a Vacation Bible School promotion.

The latest YouTube Awards have come out with the “best” videos…I kind of like the Hugs Campaign one. And, the “adorable” animated video is sort of a strange sight to see.

Not suprisingly, I’ve discovered a lot of locals in the field of athletics, in addition to my friend (above). Here’s a guy named Chris, that’s into Paragliding — cool. Here’s a member of the 2005 world championship U.S. Gymnastics team, Todd Thorton – a definite cutie. And, here’s a former baseball player and current Director of Baseball Outreach for the Round Rock Express (minor league baseball team and affiliate of the Houston Astros), Kirk Dressendorfer – what a mouthful of a name, he’s another one that’s come full circle in the baseball world.

Whew! Although there’s a lot more to see, it’s break time…best have it now before one or more of us passes out -plop- right onto the cold, hard ground. Until later, web friends and germs. Keep on keepin’ on… 😉

3 responses to “Foolish Endeavors…

  1. Tigers opening game is today! Yeah, go Tigers!
    (phew, got that out of my system. I feel better now)

    And besides, Nathaniel in The Undomestic Goddess is hot and totally worth the read.!

    TPL responds: oh yeah…he’s definitely a hottie, and a sweetheart, too. 🙂

  2. A little update: Adam recently was promoted from Salem to the Augusta Greenjackets, which is the next level up! Their team is first place in their league, while Adam is still shutting down opponents and cranking out those amazing numbers.

    For anyone interested: When Adam wins there’s usually an article on the front page, or you can just search through Single A, South Atlantic League to find him and his stats. Or for team info just

    Also, thanks for the comments about Matt 😉 I found your blog in a web search for articles on Adam actually. Top 10 too! Hail the power of google!

    TPL responds: Matt found me – you people have no idea how happy this makes me now. I’m literally grinning like a cheshire cat at the screen. Gotta love Google. Thanks for the update!!

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