It’s About Time…Astros Make A Rubber!

Alleluia ~ the “heart-attack” Houston Astros finally win their first game of the season!! And, against the St. Louis Cardinals, who’ve started out as gloomy as the ‘Stros this year (even Pujols is slumping badly).  This ties the series 1 and 1, making for a rubber game for Easter sunday.

The “wizard of O’s” aka Roy Oswalt is mainly responsible, for pitching a great and complete game, and NOT handing the ball over to any relief pitching. Carlos Lee saw his first home run tonight, too, so that 1o-million dollar man is finally earning his pay. Lee didn’t even realize it would be a homer…was even joking with Lance (Berkman) that he thought it’d just be a fly ball. Well, it sure did fly, right into the left field Crawford boxes! Yay! Biggio also hit a couple balls tonight (RBI’s), which helps in his quest for 3000 hits.

Let’s hope they can do it again for Sunday’s game @ 1:05 pm. Go ‘Stros!! 😀

PS. Brrr….’tis cold outside…will someone take the rain away and turn the heat back up a notch, please?!? I wish it were that easy…oh well…it could be worse, and will be come July/August I know. Grinning and bearing it…somehow. 🙂


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