Oh Blah Di, Oh Blah Dahs…

Whoa…no posts since last monday…well, I officially suck, eh. No telling what I’m sucking, though. 😛

Seriously, I’ve had an up and down sort of week. Something, though I know not what, has kept me going. I could as easily be in one of the ‘random shootings’ that seem to happen every freaking day in this cold, cruel world. Thank goodness I’m not, but it doesn’t help find my purpose in this little time on Earth.  I’m not one of the ‘lucky ones’, but I sure can pretend to be. And, my imagination is very good at times. Throughout my life, I’ve found certain “truths” that the negative side of me clings (and ticks the positive side of me off royally):

1) Friends…can usually not be trusted for long. They expect comfort and love unconditionally, but are unwilling to give when you most need it, and will leave you hanging (we hope at the time not from a noose).
2) Families…drain life’s blood out of you, and make you wonder why.
3) When one least expects, is when life jumps out and yells “boo”.
Yeah, I know…depressing post. That’s why I’ve stayed away – I don’t want to depress anyone with my existential crap.

In the midsts of all this depression, I’ve seen good too…which does keep me going, but it’s in nature. My eyes gazed upon a snail slowly making his way up a wall. That’s cool, as usually the only thing seen is the shell, not counting ones I’ve dissected.
Another beautiful sight was a robin red breast, flying from tree to tree. It was a bright spot upon a dreary, cloudy day.
Still another sight I spied while taking a walk to gather the paper. Underneath a huge bush was a couple of flowers blooming gloriously.

What’s any of these rambings prove? Life goes on…ob la di, ob la da. (bell rings)


One response to “Oh Blah Di, Oh Blah Dahs…

  1. Sometimes existential crap can be a good thing. (that’s what I tell myself when I find myself in a funk) 😉

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