Fun Monday …

Well, it’s here again…yet another manic fun Monday….this time spent over at Robin’s webhome.

Hostess: Robin, @ the Pensieve
The challenge:  Why I’m putting the FUN(NY) in Fun Monday! Bloggers are notorious exhibitionists…we bare our hearts…we bare our souls…and sometimes…SOMETIMES…we bare our faces.  It’s not your face I’m interested in, though…it’s YOUR HAIR!  Pull out your old photo albums and find your WORST “BAD HAIR DAY” EVAH!  If you’re the unfortunate soul who has more than one, well then, post as many as you’re willing.

As a kid, I liked to dress up my dolls, including their hair (poor things).  This action was usually followed with piling them into my dump truck (or barbie car, or something), and taking them for a ride. Anyway, back to the hair…
Here’s Jennifer Doll…
©PearLady - Doll

She shares love to the world, as you can see in the picture. From where I got the name is unclear, the popular [name] undoubtedly giving way to originality. She’s still cute to me, and she’s cherished in my memory banks.


10 responses to “Fun Monday …

  1. I am sorry Pearlady, but poor one-armed Jennifer looks as if she has been snatched bald. But maybe her state is a result of so much love, or maybe Jennifer was piled into one too many dump trucks.

    TPL responds: well, what can I say….when I love, I do it thoroughly and completely. 😀

  2. A very well loved doll indeed.
    I have a teddy bear I’ve kept since the day I was born, that I’ve just loved the stuffing out of!
    Happy Monday!

  3. I had that hair when I was three.

  4. Oh my word, that’s quite a makeover you gave your doll. Haha! But yes, I know what you mean — my favorite doll back when I was a child is this little girl with barely any hair and her left eye was getting all faded already. Nonetheless, I still cried when my mum took her away 😦 She replaced it with a more fabulous one… but it still wasn’t the same 😦 Aaah memories…

  5. When I FIRST saw the picture, I saw “Chucky”. I’m sorry, Pear Lady, please forgive me. Then I saw the -sweet little “I Love You” sign and I instantly re-aligned my thoughts :). Isn’t it GREAT that you kept her all these years? Bad hair (and yes, it’s BAD) and all!

    I’ve loved these departures from the expected for Fun Monday…helps keep it anything but monotonous!

  6. Did she lose her arm in a freak dump truck accident?

  7. Oh this reminds me of dolls with bad hair days belonging to beccy. I still have some of them here, now you’ve given me an idea for a future post.

  8. Christine: indeed…similiar to The Velveteen Rabbit book – the love makes it real (well, almost).
    Pamela: let me guess, active lil girl, eh 😉

    PrincessB: I can relate. Moms don’t always know as best as they think they do. But, they do the best they can with what they’ve got, eh. At least you had her for a while…like real things / people in life, it makes the memories more precious.

    Robin: I totally understand. I had that fleeting thought myself, and both laugh and cringe when I see Chucky. But, indeed, the love prevails. 😀 Thanks for hosting a fabulous Fun Monday. I’m glad I could help entertain in it.

    Nikki: You know, I don’t quite remember. She’s been carted around for years. Who knows where the thing went.

    Chrisb: Glad I helped inspired another blogger…do drop on by when you write that post, so I can remember to look, too. 🙂

  9. Omg, I remember me and my cousins fighting over a doll that looked exactly like Jennifer Doll – we found her in my our grandmother’s attic. Why we fought over baldy – I’ll never know.

    Jennifer Doll looks like she’s holding up her hand as if to say, “YOU RAWK” — ROFLOL.

    TPL responds: rock on! 😀

  10. I have only one word: scary! 😛

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