Reading Frenzy

Wow! I’ve been on a reading kick lately. If I see a book, I want to read it. Of course, part of me realizes I simply can’t read everything (what a killjoy that part of the brain can be).  Thanks to the local library, I’ve gotten enough of a “fix” to keep most parts of my brain happy.

Since the latest Harry Potter movie is arriving this summer, I just had to refresh my memory and read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Book 5). I’m glad I did, for I’d forgotten much of it already. Luckily, though it’s a thick book(~870 pages), it’s a quick read. In this book, we see Harry and his friends taking their first wizarding tests, Harry being harassed for telling the truth when he shouldn’t (again), and dealing with the return of Lord Voldemort (aka the ultimate bad guy).  It introduced a couple new characters Delores Umbridge (mean ole’ troll lady) and Luna “Loony” Lovegood, a sweet, simple-minded fellow student of Hogwarts.  The trailer for the movie looks promising for providing more visuals from the book. Whether it will have the substance is to be determined. One could logically conclude it won’t have less substance than what they did to the forth book/movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but who knows what’s in the playwrighters’ minds this time around. In any event, we should read the book, if for nothing else than to give something to talk about with the kids in your life.

 Another book called “Autobiography of a Fat Bride” crossed my brain recently was recommended by my blog friend Nikki in her Book of the Month selection for April. I’m so glad for the recommend! The author has an innate sense of sarcastic wit, sometimes so much so that it can tick one off when it reaches too close to home. At the moment, I’m recalling the chapter called “Thirty-fff”, and grinning like a cheschire cat.  The book tells stories of the life of Laurie Notaro, a lady just trying to deal with the day to day of life – getting married, dealing with interferring parents and siblings, torturing loving her husband for being a nice guy (even when he’s annoying the heck out of her–hah!). It’s probably more of a book for women, only because she could relate better to the stories. but, there’s enough substance to hold anyone’s attention, I think.
When I brought the book back, the librarian even talked me into the next book Ms. Notaro wrote, named “I Love Everybody (and other atrocious lies)“. Though, admittedly, this wasn’t a hard task for the librarian, as I was raring to go for it. It’s much in the style of the other book, and another hoot and a half.  Even though I’ve not finished the latter (yet), I definitely recommend the book(s) to anyone wanting a genuine laugh about life, as ordinary, and extraordinary, as it can be.

That’s all for this post, mainly because I’m worn out from yardwork today (what a good workout though it can be!). In quick other news, the Rockets still have a chance to win in their first round of playoffs (if they don’t screw it up for lack of scoring),  and Astros might actually break out of their losing funk tonight with a win. Yay.

What a week! Keep on keepin’ on…I know I shall do my best in that regard. 😛


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