Mad About Science

I’ve been combing YouTube again for goodies. It’s amazing what one can find sometimes. For example, I found some neighborhood friends online describing an accident that recently happened. about a news update. Luckily, the damage was minor and everything’s repaired. Now, it just lives in YouTube history.
Yet another reason why I like biology, as if I need another reason. Here’s a visual of a cell’s insides…

And, another reason why I love chemistry. I practically drool at this next video, mainly because it reminds me of organic chemistry class. It’s about our “friend” cholesterol.

Within the video is what many people try to avoid these days (at least the LDL aka bad cholesterol), taking pills or more extremes, like surgery. What fun, eh.

For anyone that’s bored now…or just ready to move things along, let’s kick it up a notch and watch/listen to some Dr. Who – Weird Science! (long video, ~6min.)  It’s an eighties kind of cool.  For all you health enthusiasts out there, work out to that video, and you’re bound to lose weight just from jumping around a lot to that beat. 😀

Whew! That’ll do it for me for the moment. Science rocks!

What do you think?

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