Tackle It Tuesday

tackle it tuesday

I’ve wanted to do this one for a while, though I’ve no picture, I’ve plenty to tackle. Here’s the story of one small project.

a towering pile, no-make that two, piles of laundry taking up half a wall of my bedroom area. Yikes! It’s time to tackle that booger, and get me something clean to wear to boot. 😛

First part…separation. I usually do a pretty good job of this beforehand, but this time, it all piled up on me three-fold. So, I proceed from the top of the pile, separating into three smaller piles: whites, colors, and how-the-heck-did-that-get-there-need-to-put-it-back-where-it-goes. The one with the most goes first. [Ding!] The winner is the colored pile (or actually piles, I separated it further to which can stand only cold water, etc.). After a brief wrestle with a rambunctious belt, into the hole the new goes, and the washer does its magic (hopefully the first time – no lingering stains). Drying comes next – “au natural” wind-blown for what I can, the dryer for the rest. Repeat for the rest of the piles, then fold/hang it all up and put it away. 


That’s one job out of the way. Next up…well, we’ll see, later.

PS. It’s the first of May!  But, all the flowers have gone away.They disappeared with April. (Maybe all picked to give to moms later??) Whatever the reason, will someone please give some back, as I’m missing them. 😦 


One response to “Tackle It Tuesday

  1. I’ll give you some of my flowers 🙂 Have a great Tuesday!!

    TPL responds: aww…thank you, Bridget. Thanks for stopping in, and {big hugs}. 😀

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