The Moms Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

Beep…Beep…Beep. This is an emergency announcement of the Contest Broadcast System. Pay attention. It shall be brief. 😉

Check out what they’re doing at 5 Minutes for Mom.
It’s a…
First up, they’re giving away an IPOD!! Yes, you read that sentence right. To see the post – click here. How I’d love to win it in honor of my own mother (maybe she’d even let me use it sometime). 😀
Anyway, here ends this commercial announcement. We now return you to whatever the heck you were doing.



2 responses to “The Moms Are Hot, Hot, Hot!

  1. very cool indeed! thanks Lady! 😀

  2. OOooooooooo, an Ipod! I need me one of those. To tune out my family! Can we say never quiet at my house?

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