Creativity a-gogo

How amazing things can happen, especially when one doesn’t expect it. First, my reading becomes a frenzy, and now my creative side kicks it up another notch by having me create graphics (again) with my trusty ole’ paint shop program. What is causing this creativity, I’m uncertain. Am I emotionally-starved, or emotionally drained? It’s difficult to tell. But, I’m going with the flow while it lasts.
Anyway, one of my blog pals is the first recipient of this creativity in the form of a graphic banner. As she’s not seen it [yet], I’m leaving it off here for the moment. The second recipient is one for myself, banner(s) for this very blog. Unfortunately, my blog editor is being uncooperative, so I have to show with links. (Just click on them to see the graphic)

Here’s the button graphic:
Here’s the larger version:

The background image is of a pear tree, courtesy of a stock photo by Wes Funderberg at Stock.xchng.

What do you think? Shall I pack my paintbrush up and throw it away, go for more or what? I’m undecided, as I do not wish to conjur up old demons, but love to see what the brush (and mind behind it) can do. 😀

3 responses to “Creativity a-gogo

  1. haha! so sweet of you to think of me! (yes I know, those pesky bees get stuck in our minds, don’t they?!) I only have a quick minute right now but wanted to say thank you! and there were only two .png files actually attached, which is okay because I prefer .png files over .jpgs 🙂 more later, I promise! will even reply to your email 😀 xxxx

  2. Looks great to me! Don’t throw out the paint brush!

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