Saturday Hodgepodge

Oh wow. I take a few days off of blogging (to do a bit of late spring cleaning) and the spam runs rampant. And, who wants to see an overwhelming sight of pink meat products?! 😛 So, back I am and taming the beasts.
Great news also arrived in my comments while I was away this week – a baseball update. As one could guess after this news, I’m now an Augusta Greenjackets fan. 😉
The art car parade also happened today. I was fortunate to catch a beauty (?!?) the day before while grabbing something to eat.
It’s some sort of red/blue scribbles on the car. To me, it’d be called “democratic chaos”, for the car’s a hodgepodge of red and blue states (political sides of congress) all intertwined into a great big mess. The mess sort of simulates real life, eh, from a certain point of view. Scary.
On the book front, I’ve finished yet another one (“I Love Everybody…”), but I’ll talk about books in a separate entry, as I’ve found a couple more book blog contests of which to talk as well.

Anyway, time to shut down this computer, so I can restart and jump into awaiting email. Until later. 🙂

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