Playing Catch-Up

Whoops! I missed Fun Monday this week. It’s being held by Willowtree, and, I totally had the topic covered. No matter, I’m blogging anyway (you’ll see why in the next paragraph).

I found some more great sights with my little camera this week. First up, this box found at a shop in League City, Texas.

They’re ceramic angels by a company called “Willowtree”. Of course, it reminded me of a certain Aussie blogger instead, so I snapped a photo.
Side thought: If that’s not enought to get me focusing on this blogger, I had a dish called “chicken on the barbie”, which is essentially spicy, barbequed chicken, this week.  So, he’s stuck in my head, for better or worse at the moment. Calgon, help me! LOL  😛
Another photo is a cup I found at a restaurant.
growing old cup
I snapped the pic for the quote on the cup appealed to me. “Growing old is enevitable / Growing up is optional.” The saying appears to mesh with the “child at heart” philosophy, which is a nice thought (even if responsibilities in life make it sometimes untrue).
Wil Wheaton reminded me of this in one of his blog entries this week, entitled “just like heaven“. In the entry, he mentions remembering such favorites as “getting a drink from the hose” and having “bomb pops”, both I too remember with fondness. In fact, thinking of a bomb pop kind of makes me hungry – yum. What wonderful memories to recall, especially when one’s not feeling quite so wonderful some days. I think that’s why I like looking at “child of the eighties” memes and such, as it reminds me of happier (and ultimately simpler) times.

I end this entry on that happy note. As a local media personality might say, were he a blogger,
Have a good day, y’all. Good blogging, reading, game-playing, or whatever makes you happy!
PS. bonus points for those readers that actually know to which the media person to which I’m referring. ;P

2 responses to “Playing Catch-Up

  1. LOL, very funny! Too bad you missed out, it was quite a good turn out this week, and we can all do with new visitors. I’ve put up a link to who’s hosting it next week if you’re interested.

  2. ummmm john stewart? if not, I have noooo clue! 😛

    …in other news, I’ve been too busy, too stressed lately, but I photographed some DUCKIES!!!!!! (there’s one I put up this morning so if you like some duckies to give you a warm fuzzy smiling feeling, take a peek! 🙂 )

    I will catch you soon chicka! (and no I didn’t forget about your email) 🙂 xxxxx

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