Fun Monday

It’s another fun monday posting, this time hosted by on of my crazed Elvis blogpal, Nikki…so, I’m posting at an unusual time, to make sure I get this one on time. By the way, if / when you get a chance, drop by her blog and give some cheer. I’ve a feeling she could use it well, as she’s kind of ailing with a horrid sinus infection at the moment.

Due to technical problems, this post may look stranger than normal, and possibly riddled with errors thanks to a funky keyboard. Ahhh, well…thank goodness for it, anyhow!

The topic: write a short poem, then whip out the crayons, markers, etc. to illustrate it.

what’s that smell
ack, not the computer
say it’s not so
pull out the back-up
oh no, how slow
(and, much less cuter than apollo ohno)
the dial-up connection sucks
so does an ailing spacebar
how i wish things didn’t break down
all at one freaking time
almost like someone’s saying
it’s crap on me day
and, all i wanna do is
yell, quit picking on me!


And, to illustrate the point…here’s a little something from my paint program…

That’s it for now. As Elvis would say, ‘thank you, thank you very much, and g’nite!’


17 responses to “Fun Monday

  1. Lol, hope your technical problems are sorted out soon.

  2. Hmmmm, I get a bit twitchy when my computer malfunctions–DON’T WE ALL??? I’m impressed you used restraint. Even those NEVAH prone to “colorful” language can lose it when the ‘puter blows….

    You just gave me an idea for my art, if I ever get back to it….

  3. Oh, yeah, I meant to tell you the line that made me giggle out loud: “(and, much less cuter than apollo ohno)”…I just giggled again.

    Glad you played along this week :).

  4. it happens in threes.
    Its a rule!

    AT least your paint program is working!@!@@!

  5. Ha! It’s fitting for me as well unfortunately.

  6. I have felt your pain SO many times, my friend!!

    Oh, your art piece looks like a Miro!! Very spiffy!

  7. That made me laugh. I am right there with you – for some reason in certain programs when I use the “s” key I get a semi colon. Hmmm….

    Good job on the poem and I like the picture!

  8. The picture isn’t currently showing, but I’m having a similar problem. Computers who’d have em but where would we bee without em !!

  9. I think we’ve all had those days. grrrr…..well said poem!

  10. LOL “Quit picking on me”. I hear ya!! Hope you get everything fixed and it’s all up and running soon. Love the illustration. Very cool.

  11. My favorite line was about apollo ohno…I think you deserve extra credit for getting his name in there!

  12. Any poem that mentions the cute short track speed skater is fabulous. Yes, cars and computers are fine until they break down.

    TPL responds: he just ‘popped’ into my head…isn’t it wonderful when great thoughts come in like that?! 😉

  13. Ah, one we can all relate to, eh! 🙂

    TPL responds: relating is good…shows we’ve something in common. 😀

  14. This is the first poem that I’ve truly related to (and I’ve already read most of them). I feel your pain, and I hope that your cornpooter doesn’t go into meltdown (like mine did last week).
    Sending positive thoughts.

    TPL responds: thanks, dear sir. You’re a sweetheart. It’s gonna go to the ‘computer doc’, so we’ll see how it goes.

  15. Oh how I needed those comments that have made me smile in the face of misery…thank you! 😀

  16. I have had days like that. Everything goes wrong and I think what lottery in hell did I win.

    TPL responds: and, which new enemy I need to go after for putting my name into the drawing.;P

  17. Sounds like every computer my husband touches! How he kills them, I will never know.

    TPLresponds: Some days, I feel like that’s me as well…everything electronic goes haywire when I touch it. Not a good thing for a computer consultant. Oh well. ;P

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