Sing a Song For Me

Wow! What a show!

It’s…American Idol, the finale.

A mediocre season gives its live audience a fantabulous end. Winning it all, without a doubt is…Jordin Sparks (though both won Ford Mustangs early in the show – predictable but nice). Though it’s officially over in the books, the irony is it’s not for the finalists’ hometowns. Not that it matters much, they’ll probably be up for a considerable amount of the night anyway.

The entertainment tonight was booming, from the stars in the crowd, to the ones performing on stage. Most of the previous years idols performed, including Taylor Hicks “Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol!” , “Teddy bear” Rooooben Studdard, “Country star” Carrie Underwood, and the rockin’ Kelly Clarkson. (Conspiculously absent was Fantasia Barrino.) The top 6 guys and ladies of the season were also there, singing on their own, and as back-up to other entertainers. Hair-raising so-so singer Sanjaya got his own song, too, and they had the “crying girl” there crying all over again. :rolls eyes: Professional entertainers also included Gwen Stefani (by proxy), Tony Bennett, Smoky Robinson, Gladys Knight, Doug.E.Fresh (teamed up as Blake’s beatboxing partner), and Bette Midler (whom appeared to be the surprise of the night). The so-called Idol Awards were back again, filling time they didn’t need to fill. It was the gag moment of the night(funnies for some whom like to see the “horrors”), highlighting the best of the worst singer wannabees of the season. But, as stated, they need not have bothered. The show was packed to the gills, and went overtime by a couple minutes.

All in all, it was still a worthwhile watch – the best of the season (though, admittedly that’s not saying much when thinking about this past season). Mercifully, the show is closed for the season. Of course, there’s always the press tours… [ahhhhhhhhhhhh!]

Here’s Jordin singing her final song…”This is My Now

So, do you think can dance?? 😛


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