Fun Monday

–Warning: Sarcasm runs rampant within this blog when least expected, but not always–
Yep…it’s another Fun Monday. Wow. It’s almost becoming a routine for me here. 😛

Our Hostess-with-the-mostest: Karmyn of Dreaming WhatIfs…
For Date: June 4

Topic: I will be asking everyone to show me their “CRAFTY SIDE”….let us see something you’ve made – it can be ANYTHING – a table you made from 8th grade Shop class to your most recent burnt pot roast  or lopsided knitted sweater.  WHATEVER – just let it be your handiwork.:puts on Will Smith face: so, I gotta get crafty with it, eh?!
Okay, what to pick was the hard part for me on this one. Up until this moment (and perhaps beyond), I’d been thinking what to do. Because…I have too-much-crafty-junk!! LOL

All that said, I have two somethings to show. First up…

A reproduction of a drawing by Edward Lear (a non-sense artist/poet):
Edward Lear drawing - reproduced by me
It’s a freaked-out cat that says “What? Me, worry?!” I drew it a few years ago during a boredom spell at work one night. The picture still seems apropo to my life, which I suppose says a lot about me that I won’t openly admit. ;P

Another crafy thing I do is create web graphics, although except for a couple private projects, I’ve not done any graphics for a while. I lost a lot of graphics in a tragic computer mishap (still sucks to think about it). Here’s a representative from when I was in my “pixel stage”.
pixel fairy by me
This little fairy was created for one of my cyberfriends a while ago. I’m not sure she fully appreciated it, but I liked it from the beginning, and I kept it in my treasured memories, where in spite of everything it resides today. Whoa…is that a loaded statement. Maybe I’ll explain more – one day.

Anyway, that’s my shares. If you’ve any comments, well…you know what to do. Scribble away.  😀

13 responses to “Fun Monday

  1. I love your freaked out cat and creating web graphic is very impressive.

    TPL responds: 😀

  2. Dude, that’s some weird cat!

    TPL responds: Why, thank you, kind sir. I aim to please. 😛

  3. I like the cat! lol
    I love the fairy graphic. Can I copy it and use it sometime (I mean like homemade cards and stuff….)? I think it’s realllllllly cute.

    TPL responds: I’m not sure why I didn’t anticipate that question…doh, me! Guess I can’t really stop that…but copyright still remains with me, even in use (as dictated within the graphic properties).

  4. I like your pixel pixie. Most of my craftiness these days is computer-generated whether it is certificates and awards for seventh graders or PowerPoint as backgrounds for musical presentations at church. Aren’t computers wonderful?

    TPL responds: Indeed, they can do wonderful things, and cause misery when you least expect it but need it most. Darn things. LOL

  5. Well – at least your cat looks like a cat – mine cannot be distinguished from a dog, pig, or horse.
    Thanks for playing along.

    TPL responds: maybe yours is an amalgum of all 3! Now that’s unique. 😀

  6. See, I love this kind of stuff. I’m jealous.

    TPL responds: the green-eyed monster makes me giggle to say these days. I think of Monsters, Inc. LOL Anyway, no sadness, hun…we all have our special talents somewhere. Where we have them is what makes us unique to the world.

  7. Cute little cat and angel Very crafty indeed!

    TPL responds: Thank you.*Smile*

  8. Edward Lear’s “Nonsense Book” is one of my favorites!

    TPL responds: It’s a good one, indeed…full of the right amount of silliness when you need it 😀

  9. Just love that cat…… /fun mondays looks like a great idea… think I’ll have to give it a try…
    thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment… I really was ‘over the moon’ yesterday with my blog stats.
    best wishes

    TPL responds: you’re welcome to both (fun monday and here) anytime. 🙂

  10. I like the cat pic. 🙂 I have a weakness for pixies. 🙂

  11. Aw I missed you yesterday for Fun Monday, LOVE the freaked-out cat LOL Can’t wait to see your ‘dream’ kitchen next Fun Monday.

  12. Eeeek! I’m scared..what a “freaky kitty”….
    Peace to you on “Peace Globe Day” 2007!

    TPL responds: peace to you as well! 🙂

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