You know… [LinkPost 6.8.07]

You know…

…that you’re a chemist at heart when you look at this cheezburger post and think it would be cool if cheese really can be made out of carbon, helium, and selenium.

…God has a sense of humor -or at least you do- when seeing Paris Hilton screaming and crying on her way back to the slammer. (*wahhhmbulance alert*)

…you spend too much time looking at blogs when you recognize a picture in the paper and crack up laughing, read the article and then realize there are other people just as twisted as you.

…sometimes you just have to see somthing that makes you think, like An Historian’s Craft  (bookporn included – LOL) and A Like Affair With Words (enough said.)
…I clearly haven’t enough to do when I have time to blog about lil miss heiress. yikes!

I’m off to find a life…until next entry.

Good blogging, reading, playing sports, or whatever makes you happy. 😛

One response to “You know… [LinkPost 6.8.07]

  1. Ha! I love LOL Cats.
    TPL responds: nutty lil buggers eh…wish I’d one to contribute (gotta keep looking). 😀

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