Follow The Floating Ball

You can tell you’re in the need for more entertainment when…
a child’s game can entertain you. Yep – for me, it’s been Neopets and this insane little competition they’ve going on called the Altador Cup. It’s sort of like the world cup soccer tourney made with their animated characters. Everyone picks a team of which to belong. They’ve the main event called Yooyuball (the soccer-like game), and two side games called Slushie Slinger [doling out shakes to customers] and Make Some Noise [involving typing letters really fast to cheer for your team]. People have gotten so into the games, they’ve spent countless hours playing, trying to get the win, and beat others’ scores. It’s crazy, but fun (join in – you’re invited by moi). To me, the hours part is a bit extreme. However, in small doses, I do find it keeps the mind sharp -for free-, as opposed to the news reports that have shown people going somewhere and paying money to stimulate their brains.

Speaking of stimulating activities, I may be taking a spiritual journey soon by following a best-selling book I’ve received called “The Purpose-Driven Life“. Wherever the read leads me, hopefully I’ll learn at least something along the way.  My original intent is to blog about the venture as well, but I’m not quite sure where…yet. Stay tuned.
Yet more stimulation may be within my midsts, as I’ve been wrangled strong-armed invited(?) to the MamaDramConQueso event this weekend. Now that’s cheeeeezy.  LOL Shall I go and scare everyone else? to be continued…. 😛

PS. If you want to track this blog to keep up the latest entries, I’ve a new way with Blogarithm, which is now linked on this blog’s main page on the right column. 🙂


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