I see wet stuff…

Rain, rain, why today?

Water kept the Pear Lady away!

When I saw possible rain in the forecast last night, I hoped and prayed it would be just the overcautious guessing weatherman again. *sigh* But, no…the rain came down today in big drops, little drops and inbetween drops, too. It was too much to travel across a city, so I couldn’t even go to my invited event. Talk about being ticked off – the one time I have to go out in …well, a while. ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! All night, I dreamed and imagined the tex-mex comradery that might happen, and I even got up early for it all (excitement woke me up before my alarm). All for what?? Nothing. I couldn’t even get online until a few moments ago, due to weather and my #@$#! computer connection not wanting to be set. The thing just came back from the ‘doc’, and now it’s discovered a new hang-up to annoy me. So, what’d I do? I ate a freaking chocolate bar. Yeah…I know, bad for me to do, but I don’t have them often. Emotion usually doesn’t guide me in eating, either, and looking back I don’t think it was this time, either. Not really…just a craving for something sweet.
Anyway…I’m still bummed as I type this entry, and really don’t know what to write. And, as I’d rather not type any more of this self pity junk, I’ll hush for now. 😦
‘Til later, dear readers!


2 responses to “I see wet stuff…

  1. Poor PearLady. We missed you at the party but no worries! There were several people who couldn’t make it at the last minute. We’ll probably have another one in a few months and (fingers crossed) it won’t storm so much. It was fun but there were a lot of first time anxieties so I think the next one will be even better and you’ll be there even if I have to charter a taxi for you!

    TPL responds: I sure hope to make it then…I’m still sick about it, and part of me wants to d/l, print all the local weather personas’ pictures, place them on a dartboard and declare open season with my darts. 😛 Ahh, well.

  2. We miss you!! Next time, right?!?!

    TPL responds: Missed all of you as well…and yeah, probably. Else, I may get drawn up and quartered for sure. 😀

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