What Do I need??

One of my blog rollers, Captain Picard’s Journal has a regular feature called the weekly question. One of the recent questions wanted some reader feedback, so here I am finding answers. 


Question: Could you go to Google (the location may be slightly different to where you are in the world). Type in your first name and the word ‘needs’. For example “John needs”. Make sure you use quotes.


With my immediate comments shown in parentheses, here’s some of intriguing answers I found:

*…needs a smackdaddy (oh my…don’t go there, girlfriend. 😛 )

*…needs help! (don’t we all?!)

*…needs to soar in some way (I could fly like an eagle…could be fun!)

*…needs to get laid and quit her bitching (hey now. That’s gettin’ personal. And, who’s been looking in my window? 😛 )

*…needs a man (sheez…gettin’ personal again, but if you see a good one, send him over pronto, please…or send me to Australia to look up a mate. 😉  )

*…needs to develop age-appropriate language for social situations (wha ya mean? I talk gud doan-i?! 😛 )

*…needs faith (I’m pondering this by humming George Michael’s “Faith” and the song “Alleluia!” )

*…needs a pot of coffee and a window (ahh..simple life’s pleasures do one wonders )

*…needs to get recognized for once, and not be on the back burner. (could I really be??? Imagine the possibilities.)

*…needs to get a life (well, duh…readers of this blog can attest to this one. I’m still working on it. 😛 )

While I’m out looking at lives to get and hoping they have my life size, I leave you with the challenge to share your own results on this exercise. You may be surprised of what you find. 😉

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One response to “What Do I need??

  1. Just now finding the time to visit your Fun Monday post…so in reference to your post today…
    “Swampwitch needs more time.” But not really. I would only find myself more exhausted.
    Thanks for playing the game.

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