Congrats Mr. 3000

Well, it’s official, folks. 3000, plus a couple extra hits to boot – caps off – 5 hits for the night. Not to be dismissed lightly, the Houston Astros win in grand fashion with a Carlos Lee grand slam home run (yay, el caballo!!). But, it’s just icing on the cake compared to the other news of the night… Craig Biggio of the Houston Astros baseball franchise is a member of the 3000 hits club. And, what a club it is, for it includes such greats as Roberto Clemente, Stan Musial, Willie Mays, Cal Ripkin, and the controversial great top-of-the-list Pete Rose.

Craig has been a staple and role model of the Houston Astros for many years now (since 1988), and is one of the most appreciative and appreciated by the fans of the game (especially fans of Houston). It’ll be bittersweet when he does finally hang his hat up on the field. But, what a ride it’s been. And, I’m glad to have been a witness of some of that greatness, even if from afar (tv mostly – though I have seen him play from the stands, too). For a man of such short stature, he sure has created some big shoes to fill for guys yet-to-come. An inspiration for baseball enthusiasts everywhere, he is. Besides memories, my own remembrance of Mr. Biggio is also in the form of a baseball card (though from his catching days – as he’s in a front squat *lol*). I wish it was more, but I’m glad to have it all the while. 🙂

Here’s another look at a fan’s prospective, as provided by the Houston Chronicle @

Edit: I’ve found yet another good biggio tribute – Click to Watch 
(good music – decent picture quality)

Now, if only the Astros could pick up the pace, to turn around a rather dismal season, and keep up the momentum generated from last night. The fans still have hope, in spite of it all. So, we shall stay tuned and see. 🙂

In the meantime, I can imagine Ken Caminiti is smiling down from heaven for his friend and former colleague and all, as well as Craig Biggio actually reading the paper for once (Craig’s little joke at a post-game interview *lol*).

I end this entry chanting three words: BGO, BGO,BGO!! 😀

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One response to “Congrats Mr. 3000

  1. OK – how did I NOT know you were a ‘stros fan??? We need a bloggess gathering at a game!!!

    Was a great thing that happened last night. I was watching at home and got all choked up.

    Good job BGO!

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