Fun Monday

It’s another Monday, and a rainy one it is. But, let us not to be discouraged, let the FUN begin. Monday means time for a regular feature…

Fun Monday!! Yes, that’s right…time for a blogger to set a challenge, so we can all get to know each other in this great ‘blogosphere’. ;P

This week’s Hostess: Jenni in KS / Prairie Air
The Challenge: Share one or more of your favorite summertime memories with us. It can be a childhood memory or more recent. The memory can be a vague conglomeration of how you spent summers past (catching fireflies, playing outside till dark, watermelon seed wars) or it can be a detailed memory of a specific event. You may write a poem or short story or just tell it like it was. The main idea is to communicate the essence of summer and what symbolizes the season in words and/or pictures.

Summertime memories…that’s assuming I can actually remember, which is assuming a lot some days. *lol* Anyway, cooking dinner one night recently I found the following quotation:

The fondest memories are built one smile at a time.

This quote comes from a pint of Daisy sour cream, and it speaks volumes.As I think back upon my life, The summertime brought many smiles. It was the end of another school year (melancholy moment: I actually liked school) but, all is not lost, for it was the beginning of camp in various shapes and forms.

Elementary years: Vacation bible school (VBS) was like a mini-camp, for we had so many daily activities. I learned my bible verses and all as one might expect. We ate lunch together – they always made something special for us. However, I loved craft time (the budding artist within me). I made stuff for both my family, friends and myself, having a blast doing it. It was like giving a part of myself to someone I love, and I loved it. Looking back upon it now, part of me realizes it may have started a cycle of destruction, perhaps I wouldn’t be so empty if I hadn’t given. But, another part of me slaps that side and says ‘hush, girl’ else you’ll cry or something equally horrible. (okay, moving on…)

Middle school years: Grew up to bigger camps – the all-day-away-from-home-for-weeks kind. No television (for campers), but loads of things to do, including climbing mountains, swimming, and lots of crafts. I remember each time I started at one, big time homesick blues set in (I did NOT want to go there, but was encouraged to try it anyhow), but by the end, I found it hard to leave for all the fun I had. (hate it when your parents are/were right sometimes -so irritating – dang it *lol*) Another lesson learned to take me through to the next stage(s) of life.

Those next stages will have to wait for another entry though, as I’ve rambled on enough now, eh. If you’d like to see more, go see some more participants of this summer memories challenge – click here.

Thanks for coming with me down memory lane. Was it as painful for you? Or can you relate to my monstrosity of memory recall? Tell me about it. Maybe the cells will connect again for a stroll sometime in the future, at which time you’re welcome down the path again. 🙂


2 responses to “Fun Monday

  1. I never went to camp, but great memories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. here’s a fun monday: you, me & a bottle of Jack and a bottle of pepsi (or coke, or the generic kind, whichever you prefer)! :oD

    take care sweets, til we meet again (ie til my internet is reconnected in my new state!)


    Sounds like a plan to me.. *smile* good luck with the reconnect!

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