It is Written, It is Done

No, I’m not having a religious moment, but again, it does fit the theme of this entry. Get ready for a lot more. I’ve found yet another fun quiz of sorts. It begins with a simple message…

I begin this entry with a “live” greeting:


Yes, that message is from little ole’ me. It’s the last picture I’ve taken (kind of had to ban myself for a bit due to excessive txt message usage – yikes! It can add up! Yes, I hinted about it in the last entry.)
Anyway, besides looks, I’ve another purpose for posting it – handwriting analysis.
During one of my recent surfing expeditions, I ran across an entry on handwriting, and what it could possibly mean (it’s just a fun hypothesis, of course, for as they state on the site, graphology is a lot more complex). I’ve included the link above if you’d like to follow along my own quick analysis, and my responses.

1) Rounded U’s and W’s…indicating sensitivity and being poetic 
hmmm, a valid possibility chronicled by this own blog when I wrote a poem in a past entry – went over pretty well, too]

2) Crossing T’s…ambition
uh-oh, I may have to work on my ambitious nature, or perhaps I was just having a slower-paced day


3) Looping C’s… vain indicator
Not a good example here, but nah…though perhaps unusual considering my astrology sign


4) A’s and O’s tightly closed…
It’s indicative of hiding something. But, I do not enjoy hiding secrets…too stressful. Now, Easter eggs…that’s a whole other ball of wax. If anyone wants a good hider for that activity (virtual or real), my services are definitely available. And, yes, I’ve been told repeatedly I’m good at it. 😀


5) Slanting text various ways…
Nah…not on this sample (unless I’m being incredibly lazy or silly). Hold off on the orange jumpsuit and cuffs, it’s not my color, anyway. Now, if you’d like to talk of cuffs in the bedroom…(just kidding, I’m not going there – not on this blog, that is *maniacal grin*)


6) having the “felon’s claw”… (letter y slanting straight down with a claw-shaped curve at the end)

Not here, but If I’m lazy or in a hurry, watch out. 😉


7) Signature and regular handwriting being different…putting on an act

Well I do like to act, as indicative of this blog sometimes. However…It’s only for consistency purposes (when I’m writing/signing something important).

8) Connecting swoops…indicating a martyr complex
Amazingly, not much. See, I can be generous and think of others occasionally”*sticks out tongue*. LOL

9) Spiky or angular handwriting…indicating tension.

Well, not too bad that day…maybe I was thinking good thoughts. *S*

10) squatty letters, not extending much above the baseline… being a bit childish
Ding, ding, ding…we have a winner, folks! LOL I am a child at heart sometimes. But, only to an extent (and can be “grown-up” as needed), of course. 😉


I invite anyone else willing to take the plunge and analyze your own writing now. And, do share. So, we can all see those potential criminals, vain, and/or childish people out there in our dear http://www. 

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