Remember me

Guess what, people?! I’m back again!

[waits for the cheers or groans to stop]

On second thought, I’m impatient so I’m butting back into the entry again. 😀

I’m thinking of a church song called “Do you remember me?” Why, I’m not quite sure, but it appears to fit the title and this comeback entry.

So, what happened? Long story made short – money issue, though I won’t bore anyone with the specifics (not really in the mood to cry, either).  I will say there’s a great article on the suicidegirls dot com web site about Sallie Mae that makes me rise up and shout “Amen, brother!” (I’m not linking directly for it has profanity, but you can find it easily if you wish in the recent news articles) Anyway, wow – has there been a lot happening this month!!

By the way, if one person spoils me of the last Harry Potter book before I finish it, I might have to do some hurt…what’s up with those people being bums spoiling the ending? It appears some people have no life. Oh wait, neither do I. *blech* But, I’m working on it. 😛 I actually spied some people at midnight running out to get the book at a local store. As midnight struck, one particular bunch contained a gaggle of teenage girls gabbing up a storm with their parents/guardians in tow several steps behind them. 😀

As I type this entry, I’m a bit manic. I’m currently listening to the Greenjackets as they hopefully kick some Catfish butt to avoid a series sweep. It’s 6-5 in the fifth, with my favorite pitcher holding on tightly (tossing up prayers). They were leading (4-0) through four innings, but it’s kind of fallen apart. *gulp*
In the meantime, check out this Greenjackets page on myspace. There’s an awesome baseball song called “Swing” playing.

On the web front, BlogHer has their big conference. For those dear poor bloggers that couldn’t attend, they’ve set up a virtual feed, too. That’s pretty cool.

Also seen on the www:

30 random ways to a happier life
It looks like I’m well on my way, according to that list. Combining email addresses is a chore in itself, though it helps as long as things are still sectioned (as opposed to one big conglomerated mess). But, I don’t know if I could ever pull off number 17 fully (stop hoarding). Besides, what would I have to show you, then? Well, I suppose I could talk more *sarcastic evil grin*.

Okay, speaking of rambling, it appears I’ve done my fair share for this entry, so I’ll end it for now. But, to paraphrase the Governor of Caleeforneea, “I’ll be back”. And, sooner than you may think.

The comment line is now open… 😉


One response to “Remember me

  1. hello dear! I have returned as well! HOORAY! 🙂
    see you round my dear pear lady!

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