In Remembrance: Marvin Zindler



We pause for a surreal moment to pay tribute to a man like no other. Houstonians and people all around the world have lost a legend in the broadcasting world, Marvin Zindler, overnight. He was in a battle of pancreatic cancer at Methodist Hospital, and we all hoped and prayed daily he could recover. Marvin worked for ABC 13 Eyewitness News in Houston, Texas for 34 years as a broadcaster/consumer reporter and champion for people in need, where ever they resided, He always knew how to get people to do the right thing, and had a growing list of “Marvin’s Angels” around to lend a helping hand.
A page documenting his legacy has been set up @

On the page are videos and various news stories he’s done throughout the years. It’s well worth a look.

In addition to the work, he was known for his elaborate wigs, clothes collection, and many famous quotes.

His official signoff was one of my first words when I was a baby. And, I remember it with great fondness:

“Maaaaarvin Zindler, Eyewitness News”

(though when I said it, it was more like Mah-vin Inler, Eye Wit New” LOL!!)


He did a restaurant report every week (on Fridays) called The Original Rat and Roach Restaurant Report. Within the report he always had a special report about “Sliiime in the Ice Machine”. Sometimes, a Slime Choir (made of various Houstonians, usually local kids) would sometimes say that line for him.


He became a Hollywood legend thanks to a movie (and play) called The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, which is based upon an actual news story he did in the seventies that exposed a house of prostitution – the “Chicken Ranch”.The movie exaggerated his character a bit, but not by much (small joke). ;D

Another quote he said often during various stories was “it’s hell to be poor”. How right he was I thought each time he uttered these words.


I actually met him proxy. At the beginning of every Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo there’s a barbeque cook-off. One year I attended and got into the ABC13 private party, and when Mr. Zindler did a walk-through around the tent, it was all I could do not to jump up and down screaming excitedly. (Instead, I grinned like a freaking idiot – LOL)


He will definitely be missed. And, I feel I can not end this entry any other way than with yet another of his famous quotes of how he signed off for the weekend (am changing it slightly). Rest in peace, dear Marvin.

And, for every visitor of this blog, I sign off in his honor:

“Have a good week, good golf, good tennis, or whatever makes you happy!” 🙂

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