Fried Eggs, anyone?

Another hot day has passed, for better or worse. I woke up in a so-so mood, and it’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions all day.  I blame the weather (just because). I thought about frying eggs, but didn’t want to waste them. And, then I thought of making sun tea, but no tea bags available. Instead, I watched the Astros lose again, which so helped my mood (not!). Crabapples!! (actually, I’ve been thinking something stronger…my darn moodiness sure can bring out the worst in me.) 😉


Another Fun Monday has already arrived for a part of the world, and there are interesting looking aprons out there – they’re @ ChrisB’s blog. Although, I’m still waiting to see Willowtree model his in his skivvies. *maniacal drooling grin* Where’s my own apron? I’ve no picture, so I have to describe one of them: red corduroy with a blue bandana trim (sort of country-looking, like a Texas stereotype). Only problem is I forget to where it while cooking, which kind of defeats the purpose (although it stays looking pretty that way). Oh well.

In other news, my blogging “Elvis” friend Nikki has a spiffy new place. All together now…(said like watching fireworks) “ooooooo….ahhhh….ohhhhhhhh.”

In still other news, I’ve come up with a signature graphic, but I’m not sure quite how to use it at the moment. Maybe I’ll figure it out before the next entry. “It could happen.”

Any good news out there? Feel free to leave some in the comments. We could all use it occasionally.
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3 responses to “Fried Eggs, anyone?

  1. My good news: My nose isn’t dripping as much as it was, now it’s stopped up, and I’m probably on my way to a sinus infection. The zit on my nose has reduced in size from a dime to a match head. I still have to use a putty knife to fill it in with make-up. My hair cut that was way too short is still way too short, but I know it will grow back in about a month or three. That’s about all the good news I can take for today.

    TPL responds: oh my….Swampy dear, I hope you’re even better soon! In the meantime…*tosses a pretty wig atcha* 😀

  2. I think that the aprons stay in much better condition when you don’t use them!

  3. My good news it that I woke up again this morning. I tried to come here the other day, but you had used TypeKey and that doesn’t give a return address. I’ll book mark you instead.

    TPL responds: Yay, you woke up! That means you get another chance. Yeah, I realized that about Typepad/Typekey, and it’s why I put my url in the typekey profile, but a bookmark is even better. Always good to see you, dear Willowtree. 😀

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