Raindrops Falling On my Head

In everyone’s life, a little RAIN must fall.

Well, rain has fallen today, literally, thanks to Tropical Storm Erin making its landfall on the Texas coast. Oh fun…more rain christening my upcoming birthday (we know it was planned that way divinely *lol* which I know it’s not true, but it does make my lioness ego grin. 😉  ). It’s not all bad though, as its taken away some of the heat, and we are in need of a little bit of rain. It can stop any time now. 😛

In other news, a couple in China has been trying to name their child “@” because it apparently sounds like “love him” in Chinese. mmm-k…and here I thought “Apple” and “Superman” were a weird names (not nicknames) – silly me. Sure, one should have the freedom to name his/her child whatever desired, however just because you could doesn’t mean you should. I’m thinking parents should think about the kid, and not their own egos. Teasing can be detrimental to a kid’s psyche, so why would one want to potentially aggravate the situation?

In still other news, a local newspaper has made the top list for best online newspaper sites! The first place is the New York Times (no surprise there), but in fourth place we have a place I frequent often – Chron.com. Very cool. 🙂

Locally, it appears I’m getting traffic of people looking for Grey’s [sic] Anatomy wall paper (points back to a GA quiz I did…). I’m sure ABC.com has some there someplace. I’ll have to see about it later. 🙂

Or, perhaps someone has picture(s)? I’ve not made a virtual collage lately. It could be fun.

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One response to “Raindrops Falling On my Head

  1. Ummm…did you mean chron.com? 🙂

    TPL responds: whoops….darn keyboard been sticking all week, and yes, a typo…*lol* thanks…editing that now! 🙂

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