It’s a Celebration

We come in to this blog today for a special activity…namely, one that involves a very LARGE cake! Why? It’s time to say…

~~~Happy Birthday to Me!!!~~~
Or in German, “Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!”

Image source by: Free Clipart and Web Graphics

Some birthday stuff I’ve found / received:

– Twenty-seven years ago, during a very noisy and wet Hurricane Alicia, my favorite minor league pitcher, Adam Cowart, was born! Happy day, my dear friend from long ago.

– I got a birthday card with my college mascot on it…so adorable! It’s staring at a big birthday cake sticking its tongue out (as if to say “yummy”)

– Found some perfect gifts for the “geek” of one’s life…a geek cake (looks like birthday computer code written on a screen) , a cake for music lovers – the i-cake (lovely shaped like an I-pod) and geek wrapping paper (says happy birthday in various languages like Klingon and binary)

– Found another birthday cake at the bakery in Nevada that makes the i-cake, shaped like a purse…called the Mommy Diva – it’s very cute. Actually, all the cakes look fabulous, from cowboy boots, to a beer bottle cake, to frisky negligee cakes. *lol*

– Whatever one does on a birthday, according to the unbirthday web site (and confirmed by Snopes). it appears we have to be careful of what we sing…it’s a copyright infringement to sing “Happy Birthday” publicly, unless you pay a licensing fee. Oh my…

– The first white child to be born in America of English parents, Virginia Dare, was born in 1587. [Resource Link]

-Also born on August 18,

Roberto Clemente, baseball player (1934)
Robert Redford, actor and director (1937)
Patrick Swayze, actor (1952)  And, Houston native!!
Christian Slater actor (1969)
– And, from, let’s have some horoscope fun… crystal ball time (ha-ha)…

TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (Aug. 18). Your confidence boileth over this year! The fall features an eclectic mix of friends and associates. Keep an open mind, as the most unlikely characters will contribute to you in a magical way. November is all about love, sweet love. Your windfall month is June 2008. There’s an abiding bond with Capricorn and Aquarius people. Your lucky numbers are: 30, 15, 39, 18 and 50.

Those predictions sound pretty sweet…even if not true, lovely thoughts of which to dream.

G’day, all! Now, Wil Wheaton (link in blogroll) gave me a great quote idea from his own birthday entry, and I shall end on that note..

Get off my lawn…
unless you intend to mow it.

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4 responses to “It’s a Celebration

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

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