While playing around on a games site recently, one of the few things I can do lately it appears (*grumble*), I did something almost unthinkable. I clicked on an advertising banner! *lol* It wasn’t just any banner though, it was a giant candy bar, so I guess I can blame it on my stomach. 😉

Anyway, the banner led me to the Snickers [TM] site, featuring videos of a road trip by four guys, all taking turns eating the candy.It’s really goofy stuff, but sort of cute. All was going typical until I took a closer look at one of the guys. I was doing such a double take, so I captured a video still to ponder the thought for a while.

I know I’ve seen that guy somewhere. his voice even sounds familiar to me, but I can not remember much more. My instinct tells me it’s a memory recall from my college years. But what? Arggghh!! It’s driven me more nuts (than usual). Something inside myself has told me that I’ve not gone over the deep end, but my inner skeptic plagues me with the question, and I’m left wondering. “Who the heck is that guy?”

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