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It’s been far too long, and driving me crazy (or crazier) that I’ve not been able to do most of what I’d like lately. Wow – what a selfish person I am, thinking of myself. If it’d help, I’d hit myself over the head with a club, but I doubt it’d help. *thwaps the self-pity out with a wet noodle* okay…all better. (well, not really, but moving on to more pleasant stuff) I found a great blog for care givers, and I see several things for which I need to concentrate. However, only one day at a time is how I think I need to live at the moment. That phrase appears more than a motto or television show. It’s a mantra of which to get one to breathe and think of what to do in the next moment. This moment will hopefully help carry me to another entry to entertain the blog-o-sphere (or at least release my worries away from here).

Speaking of entertainment, I found a neat video of what it’s like to be a member of a marching band during a performance. It’s a helmet cam (featuring the Pearland High School Marching Band:

It’s not the best show the PHS band has done. However, this video brings back so many memories – thank you to its creator! If you’d like to see more PHS band action, check out the year they placed 3rd at State – click here for that video link. The band had a different band director and flag coordinator at that time, so the dramatic flare is really a sight to see / remember here (not knocking the current director and flag coordinator – they just have very different styles).

 That’s all for now…have a good day, all of y’all. 😀

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