Showing Gratitude

Today – September 21st – is National Gratitude Day, according to MSN’s e-cards site. What a good idea! Though, one should [probably] show what one’s grateful for every day, it’s a nice idea to set aside a day. 🙂

For what am I showing gratitude today? (answers in random order)

  • millions thousands hundreds of hits to this site (Okay, so I’ve a ways to go – unsure grin – but not bad for semi-dedicated wannabe journalist that is I)
  • to every visitor that has left a positive comment/suggestion for this blog (Those comments help me to go on another moment in this world – thank you!)
  • to KaliJean, on her wonderful stock photography of which I was able to make a new header for this blog! *thumbs up*
  • to God, for giving me strength, hope, patience, appreciation and understanding…though I’m still working through doubts daily, faith shall be my guide
  • to family, what there is and has been, thank you for the moments/memories and kindness shown
  • To the Testicle society and “beergarita”/margarita lovers out there, you know who you are [*cough* MamaDrama *cough*] 😉
  • to WordPress, for the space to share my craziness and stress relief to the world wide web (and for the great themes, of which I hope you like this new more versatile one I found *smile*)

Okay, as it’s getting really sappy in this entry, I shall cut it off for now. It’s not a full list – duh – but it’s a start. Thanks for reading.

And, as a token of kindness, to those people that like coffee, here’s a great freebie for you!

Folgers Gourmet Selections. Get A Free Sample
Free Coffee Sample

(No, I’m not making money off of that advertisement, just sharing the wealth)

Until later, readers!

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2 responses to “Showing Gratitude

  1. Too bad I don’t like coffee. I love the new header and look!

    TPL responds: I’m on the look-out for other reebies, so maybe next time we can perk your interest (oh, bad pun alert). Thanks for the complement. 🙂

  2. One of these days we’re going to have do sit down and drink a beergarita together. 🙂

    TPL responds: That moment would be a trip and a half, I’m sure. 😀

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