Friday Night Follies

It’s Friday night…time to kick off the weekend entertainment.

For all you wondering more about little me, I’ve found my picture on the web! 
[Click here to see]
what a good-looking pear lady I am.   😉
(actually, the artwork is quite good…kudos to the artist and her real inspiration!)

It’s about 3 weeks to that most gruesome of nights, namely Halloween. Oh, how I love this holiday, and have had some great memories because of that holiday. But, one thing that’s really difficult is deciding what to be…one of my blog pals might like the my result here…

Your Halloween Costume Should Be

A Bumble Bee

What Should You Be For Halloween?

*Sigh* brings back memories…and, I don’t mean sniffing flowers.
(By the way, blog pal to which I’m referring is at Shiny Objects …buzz her sometime, she doesn’t sting, much *wink*) Oh, and regarding the quiz…visitors, do leave what you’ll be in the comments, so I’ll be able to recognize you come that spooky night. 😀
And, finally…
This entertainment is for people with kids and/or people with wacky sense of humor. It’s time for a lesson, in the form of a fifties sitcom, provided by some TLU college students.
Movie: Marijuana KILLS

okay…they be strange (I’m guessing it was a weekend, work done for the moment and they were probably bored…. *lol*)

Have a good weekend…good football, baseball, or whatever makes you happy…and, keep the weed killer handy, just in case. 😉

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